Who Are We?


Lee Martin

  • Real Estate since 1989.  Yes, that 1989.  On Lee's first day "at work" a sign on a colleague's desk said "Please, let there be one more 'boom', and I promise not to p*** it away this time"


  • By starting in the business then, Lee never had it easy ... just taking orders and driving a nice car.  Lee Martin worked hard and within a year, her experienced colleagues were asking her what she was doing to succeed so well in a tough market.


  • Lee Martin's previous life was in Social Work.  She has a degree in Social Work and has worked in hospitals, children's services, family services and on northern reserves.  She 'connects' with people and she 'cares' and it shows.  Her people skills are probably worth more in real estate than all Gord Martin's business and marketing talents.


  • Lee Martin loves to sing.  She takes lessons, practices hard, sings in the excellent VOCA choir, was a founding member of the Toronto Beach Chorale community choir.
  • Golf is another abiding interest ... and frustration.
  • Also gardening, travel, the varied entertainments of a great city like Toronto, and life in general.

Gord Martin

  • Real Estate since 1996, after leaving a multi-faceted career at Ontario Hydro that included Marketing Management, Executive Office Strategic Management, Management Development Training and Consulting, and Operational Audit Management.


  • As of 2017, Gord continues to perform market analysis, produce marketing plans and materials and serve the team's technical and administrative needs, but he has let his licence lapse. The team is beginning to reduce even further the number of active clients as they approach retirement (bad word, looking for a better one)


  • Gord Martin's education includes a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Western's Ivey School of Business in London, ON.


  • Gord has varied interests including travel, writing and photography, the joys of life in the city of Toronto, at the cottage on the island, and the warmth of a Florida condo.
  • Gord is a music lover, particularly jazz and blues, but with virtually no talent other than good taste!
  • Gord Martin is a golfer, provided that obsession ... rather than ability ... is all that is required to claim the title.


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