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  • Basic Real Estate places ... ... all the listings from everywhere.  In most cases you won't find an exact address but you can search by many house attributes and location.  We can generally set you up with a "match" that automatically emails listings matching your criteria as soon as they are available -- with addresses.  But if you wish to prowl on your own, go here and have at it!  Let us know what you find and we'll take it from there. ... gotta plug the company !  It's a good site and has been a leader since day one.  Lots of helpful hints for buyers and sellers, mortgage info and more. is the public site for TREB.  Lots of good info, including...

    • Consumer Info which has plain language "translations" of the most common forms you will run into, market information, government grant and rebate program links, etc.
    • Toronto Info includes brief overviews of neighbourhoods as well as links to various services and attractions.
    • Market Watch. Monthly summary plus detailed info on prices and more by area and district.
    • HPI (Home Price Index) A new guide to price changes and relative changes by area of the city and type of house.  This chart is underpinned by an elaborate statistical model which should be more accurate over time than simple monthly dollar price averages.

    Land Transfer Tax Calculator.  If this doesn't convince you not to buy, nothing will! (It is what it is, and it's a part of getting your new home, but we agree that it's insane)


  • Schools

    School Board - Toronto, Public : type in a street and get a list and links to the schools.

    French Immersion : The TDSB site's info never "jumps out" at me, but it's there.  This link should get you started.

    Catholic Board : same idea.  TCDSB actually uses a service and it returns all schools, public and separate for a given address.


Coming soon: links to more services

  • Suppliers ... coming back soon
  • Just for fun ... coming soon ...
  • Is the parking pad legal?  Looking at a house and can't find the licence tag, etc.  Here's a reasonably up-to-date list of who's legit.

Trades - moving companies and supplies

Frogbox : If you are packing yourself and all those boxes you are using are giving you garbage guilt, you can rent handy reusables.




Links to Newsletters, homeowner tips etc.