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The social media thing has certainly taken off.

But it seems to have taken off in multiple ever-changing directions and speeds.  We get almost daily pitches to take social media training so that we can make a jillion dollars a week sitting at the computer in our jammies sending out random tweets and posts.

It was totally unclear to me exactly how this stuff is going to benefit our clients and our business.  But we think facebook is the ongoing thing that works.  We will put listings up other places, but ...

So there is facebook.  We would like you to follow, comment and generally join us in figuring out how to make this work for all of us.  There is also a blog; check it out, there is some good content, but it hasn't been very active for a while (i.e. Gord hasn't been very blog-active for a while)

Generally, all of the forums are initially a blend of real estate news, stories, and information.  The blog also includes a fair bit of commentary on how the business works and how you can be your best possible real estate self!

It's all written by us, for you -- no bought services, ghost writers etc.  We'll try to make it fun.  Indeed, the only way Gord will keep at it is if it allows at least a little room to vent his mildly warped mind (spleen?)

So, here we go.

The blog:

Our facebook page: LeadingTheWayHome  This is a business-focused page and quite new.  Gord's personal page is here, too, if you really wanna be friends!

Twitter: @gordmartin still exists but is pretty much dormant -- never managed to make it worth the effort.



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