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Prime Riverdale townhome. Gorgeous. Inside: renovated, courtyard, balcony. Outside: Riverdale, parkland, TTC, everything. $769,000.

Check it out here.


What's New?

Come on Spring, you can do this.


Market Snapshots: monthly looks at the market in visual form ... east west Beach and downtown.

Carson Dunlop Newsletters on interesting stuff to maintain the value of your home.

Mortgage Rates, courtesy of one of our trusted brokers

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One person's "junk" ... ?

We try to have something of value with any of our self-promotion materials. For example, we have distributed a series of promotional postcards, but one side is literally a postcard -- a beautiful beach photo by a local photographer. You can stick on your fridge or frame without ever having to read our self-promotional bumpff (true & accurate bumpff, but still...)

You can see the series here


Need Staging? We've got that. 


Need a Truck? We've got that.

Need something else? We've got it or we know where to get it!

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Giving  back.

With every real estate transaction, Lee and Gord make a contribution to the Red Door Shelter, part of Royal LePage's Shelter Foundation initiative. We are proud to be among the foundation's top donors.


**Where's Gordo?

Gord is disappearing from a number of these pages. He's not quite dead yet, as Monty Python might say.

As we get ever nearer to a "next phase" -- we're not happy about the word "retirement" -- we have further reduced the number of active clients we will serve.  The day we can't continue to provide the best of the best in all aspects of the profession, we will be gone.  But with fewer clients, it seemed unnecessary for Gord to continue to carry his licence and the accompanying costs.  He is still doing virtually all of his core duties: market analysis, fact checking, marketing and business planning and development, bean-counting, technical support and more.  But he will no longer have direct client contact that may be construed as "dealing in real estate".  The materials updates to reflect this new status are a work-in-progress.