How do you pick a good agent?  We are most definitely not all the same.  Like many situations the need for the expertise, trust, confidence, etc. is likely to pop up at a most inconvenient, stressful and unplanned time. So ...

There is the approach where you just pick:

  • a friend in the business
  • a friend of a friend who is in the business
  • a relative in the business
  • the Mom of one of the kids in your kid's school
  • the last one that put a flyer in your mailbox
  • the one that puts the most flyers in your mailbox
  • the only agent in the whole *&! city who doesn't put a flyer in your mailbox.

Or, you could go with the statistical, analytical approach:

  • the one that sells the most houses.
  • the one that sells the most on my street
  • the one that sold the last house on my street
  • the one with the best sale-to-list-price ratio
  • the one whose homes sell with the lowest days-on-market (DOM)

The trouble with these, in our opinion, is that they don't tell you anything about who you will be really working with, how you get along etc.  Worse still the "statistics" like DOM or sale-to-list are meaningless.  That needs to be repeated: THEY MEAN NOTHING.  We will happily explain why.

Or, you could go with:

  • the toughest bargainer/negotiator
  • the slickest presentation
  • the biggest billboard

You get the idea.  We think you need to find an agent with a successful track record and ability.  There are lots of those.  But you REALLY need someone who will deliver on the promise  Someone who is good, hard-working, honest, flexible, client-focused and trustworthy.  And maybe even fun to work with.

So how do you find one of those?

Sadly, you can't use sales statistics, signage, etc.

We suggest you interview several agents until you find one that gives you that confidence.  If you are selling, nearly any agent will gladly do a complimentary market evaluation for you.  By the time you have looked at how they go about their work and talked to them, you will have lots of info and an idea of whether you are a match.

For buyers, you can still interview agents.

We are starting a list of common and uncommon, good and bad, questions.  Some of these are things you should ask.  Some are questions people typically ask which may or may not give useful answers.  Click Here to see the ever-growing list so far.



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