Leading The Way ... Home! ...would like to lead you to a new Home for your real estate needs.

For some 30 years we have been doing our best to help with your transitions (real estate variety). It is now time for a transition of our own. We are winding down real estate, and winding up golf, Florida, travel, and more.
For great real estate service, we strongly recommend that you contact Desmond Brown and Jennifer Scaife.

Jennifer Scaife, Sales Representative

Desmond Brown, Sales Representative

Why do we encourage you to go to Jenn and Des?

Des and Jenn are both well-established successful Realtors in our office. We respect them, have known them for years and done deals. Jenn has frequently been our backup agent if we were unavailable for your needs.

They recently began working as a team and the combination is a success; their business is growing. Before becoming a Realtor, Jenn was a teacher, while Des has been in journalism and has managed a busy successful Riverdale real estate office.

Most importantly, they think and work much like we do: Itís all about the clientís needs, integrity and ethics, professionalism and the best possible service.

Talk to Jenn and Des.

It has been a pleasure to serve you.



Jennifer  Scaife

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Desmond Brown

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